Afifa StudioAfifa Studio

Afifa Studio is a school of oriental dance - the first dance-school in Finland teaching only oriental dances. Studio was founded in 1990 in Turku by Afifa. From the unpretentious beginning studio has grown into a working place of five regular teachers and more than ten weekly classes.

There are dance-classes for many different levels and styles: from beginners to advanced, from classical Raks Sharki to colorful selection of folkdances from many countries of the East. There is also a possibility for tailor-made classes for many special groups e.g working places, pregnant women, mother-daughter class, deaf persons, physically disabled etc. and many special workshops with visitors both from Finland and abroad. This far there has been a privilege to learn with some great dancers as Morocco from the USA, Anne Ashcroft and Vashti from England, Feyrouz from Germany, Bia Bergström and Kay Artle from Sweden plus many others.

Besides classes and workshops Afifa Studio has a summer-camp with dance-classes and other recreation in beautiful seaside town of Naantali, and Studio is also a main organizer of the first Finnish oriental dance festival: "Oriental Dance Festival of Finland" - a great three-days-long dance-festival that is held annually in January since 1996.

Besides dance-classes Afifa Studio offers a variety of performances: from solo numbers to big dramatic spectacles, from folkdances to classical oriental. There are many solo-dancers and a special performing troupe "Nefer", who can offer a suitable performance to many occasions: from birthday parties to big fairs - and everywhere where you need a program full of beauty and a magic touch of the East.
Variety of dances - their background, history and culture are very important to people in Afifa Studio - besides dances and its technique Afifa Studio wants also to familiarize people with cultures of the Middle-East and North-Africa - at studio's classes there is a chance to learn - not only the dance - but also the long and variable culture behind the glittery facade.

For teachers and dancers of Afifa Studio, Oriental Dance is not just another hobby - it is a way of living - a lifelong love story for a dance that is as old and as unique as the culture it's coming from.